The different stages of a relationship

The Spark

As with every new relationship, this is where the euphoria happens. Everything is fresh, and it feels like fireworks everyday. Whether is it a partner, or a new friend that gets along well - it's the start of something new. 

The Flame

You start to feel a new found sense of familiarity and comfort, and you start to grow attached. Very attached, in fact. You start to spend more time and it manifests into part of a new routine. It begins to feel second-nature to you.

The Afterflame

Months, or years pass. The comfort level is at its peak. Sometimes, life gets too busy and it's okay to miss appointments - they understand. But sometimes, you begin taking things for granted. And this is the most crucial point of the relationship. If you realise it early and try put in effort it may work, but some realise it a bit too late - and the comfortable relationship starts feeling... distant. 

The Relight

You decide to keep trying, but it only goes two ways from here. Either you relight it successfully and gain a much deeper connection out of this process, or you lose the relationship.

All relationships require effort - a load of it in fact. It's never easy to maintain a meaningful relationship, but it's easy to lose one. Most importantly, don't forget to keep connecting with those who mean a lot to you! We understand that it might get tough in a post-pandemic environment, so we hope to be able to help. Explore our range of love products and we hope there's something you can pick out for your loved one!